Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism by Robert J. O’Keefe

September 25, 2018

By Norah Edwards


In Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism, Robert J. O’Keefe presents a systemized, well-documented and introspective case for Biblical creation. In this book, the disagreement over the dawning of Earth and humankind has been narrowed down to two antagonistic angles: the evolutionary or natural thesis, and the supernatural thesis found in Genesis. Although, the so-called debate has long since been decided in favor of evolution. Creation as revealed in Genesis is pushed into religious studies or philosophy classes with limitations. But the great thing about O'Keefe is that he does this without degrading those with whom he does not see eye to eye with. He scrutinizes the breach and inconsistency in the natural theory of evolution. He also renders reasoned support for a Bible based explanation of creation.

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