Six Years in the Middle East by Tenacity

September 10, 2018

By Norah Edwards

I’ve been interested with the war in the Middle East and its history for as long as I can remember. My partner has never fully understood my need to read everything and watch every documentary on the subject. But I also know that he likes them as much as I do. So when I saw this book, I knew he would be inquisitive. So I grabbed it, along with the other piles of books waiting for me. Once I got out to the car, he was surprised when I handed him his own book to read.  He tossed it back to me and told me to read it first and see if it was worthwhile, and he’d get to it. So I did, and boy that was a tremendous decision.

This book is a memoir of a Vietnam veteran reminiscing his later-in-life adventures and experiences as a Department of Defense contractor in the destructive but, rewarding Middle East. In 2003 and in his 50s, a time in life when a lot are ruminating retirement, he signed on with a defense contractor and headed off for Saddam Hussein’s former palace in Baghdad. This wasn't a huge setback for the fearless author, who was ingenious, clever and has an inclination to take risks. This got him not only to the palace gate, but through six years as a contractor in remote outposts where he was usually three times the age of the other soldiers around him. His risky travels to diversed Iraqi cities and also to Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman are thoroughly detailed but often less-than-scintillating impressions of each post and the people there.

In Six Years in the Middle East, Tenacity shares all of his experiences and encounters. With photographs included, this book provides a distinctive, meticulously standpoint on the Middle East and its conflicts of the early twenty-first century through the eyes of a military man and the common sense of a civilian.

This is absolutely a great read! Tenacity has a one of a kind and honest outlook. This isn't your typical action-on-every-page war book. I thought this was a really interesting book and that this is definitely a book you should check out. 

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