A Whirlwind Etherealness by Typhoon

September 4, 2018

By Amelia Miller

The first thing I noticed about this book is that it is really beautiful. I know this is totally a “judge its book by its cover” kind of thing, but seriously, I love it. I liked this book a lot, actually. The author's writing is always well-crafted, painless, and richly detailed without being boring or overambitious.  

The story is about Niobe Newton is a star-crossed lover to Chase Tomson. They go on an expedition through time and space together to fulfill their story that was never concluded since they were younger. But destiny finally intervines and they came together at last. But now they have to find a way to make it work, considering the fact that they are from different sides of the track. A great love story, intertwined with heavy internal conflict, this book is a quiet an emotional read. At times you see little bits of reality, that bring the story home. This novel was not a difficult tale to read. It gave me the warm fuzzy, but with an undertone of sorrow. It takes on some serious subjects, and at times I found myself a little weepy.

Something I loved about this book was the idea that this book had a will of its own and found who it wanted to be with. As someone who absolutely loves books, and understands the noteworthiness of them personally, I love the idea that books have a personality of their own, that they have a will and a purpose. That they understand their importance as well. Seriously. This is awesome. Overall, I highly recommend this book. 

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