The Questors' Adventures by Louis DeGrado

August 23, 2018

By Olivia Roberts

This book is about a group of boys who called themselves as Questors, decided to investigate a haunted house purely for excitement, thrill and adventure. They had to conquer numerous obstacles along the way. Some of those involves a huge black dog, mysterious sounds coming from the attic and a few other more.

A lot of young readers will certainly insert themselves into the eerie but less spine-tingling challenges the Questors create for themselves. From sneaking around in the dark, foreseeing particular risks and danger at every turn, to undescribable sounds in the night and into puzzling expeditions to the unknown, every young teen and adult will definitely have a blast. Readers will also admire the unshakable story of friendship deepening as the story goes on. The pacing of the story and the combination of heart-racing moments were remarkably clever. Louis DeGrado simply did an awesome job on this one.

I let my boys read this book and they surely loved it! They felt like they were truly part of the adventure. Thanks for an exceptional book that helps kids wander through their imagination! I can't wait to read more of the Questors' adventures!


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