The Adventures Of Katarina Rose by S.G. Johnson

August 23, 2018

By Lucy Harris

I picked this book up a few days ago and fell in love with it instantly.The Adventures Of Katarina Rose is an absolutely awesome children's picture book. It has bright, cheerful illustrations that portray happiness and adventures. It is meaningful, yet fun. It is definitely a must-read, must-buy book for your own little ones.

The story is about a kitty cat named Katarina Rose who goes on adventures when her parents are at work. She meets a lot of other animals during her travels and make friends with them. I absolutely adore this book. I think I probably should have read it before now, but for some reason, it has never happened. So, when I found out my daughter loves cats, I thought it would be a good idea to read it together. It was a delightful experience! Although the story is short, it is descriptive and enjoyable to read. It is suitably written to read aloud with lots of places for added emphasis and wide-eyed, dramatic pauses. When I would look at my daughter in mock wonder over things happening in the story ,she would look right back at me, her face a mirror image of my own. This book has forever changed how I look at our neighbor's cat and we might get one of our own soon. I am so excited to read more books from S.G. Johnson and we'll definitely read this one again! 

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