Rembrandt Redux by Hugo Uyttenhove

August 23, 2018

By Grace Adams

Hugo brings his art dealer Tom Arden he presented in Rembrandt Redux. He built up his character in this recent, gripping art history mystery. The round-up serves the gist of the storyline excellently. The story started when Arden stumbled on a painted riddle on a cloth in a painting. From then on, he began a journey, a search of the original cloth. He was excessively committed and determined to decipher the riddle that he believes will lead him to treasure and promotion. Little did he know, the discover will not be all beneficial and worthwhile as it also reveals the conceit inflicted for centuries by religious leaders. Exposing it at a proper time would have a monumental political and religious end result.

What I really love about this series is that the story was never boring. I highly recommend it for lovers of art, history and mystery. The twists and turns are absolutely bewildering and the characters are so well-developed, it’s impossible to not feel like you’ve been held captive. It was a great book and will absolutely go in my reread category.

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