How I Made $500,000 In Selling At Age 69 by Gopinathan Nair

August 23, 2018


As a sales representative at one of the most prestigious communications company, it’s essential to want to become proficient in new tactics and strategies that can help you in your selling endeavors round the clock. As a means to be effective and triumphant, you must ace the fundamentals of sales.

If you want to know more how to establish a selling mind in your daily life, read his book. Whether you’re looking for a new advice or guidance to help you in your career, or you would just like to challenge yourself more, this book upskills you, not just about sales strategies but also the ups and downs of trying to earn a living and reach a goal through mental strength that is applicable to any challenge in life.

This book is one of the most effective and easy to use selling tools I have encountered. It is obvious that plenty of thought has been put into this book to make it easy to read and enjoyable at the same time. It educates us how to fully get inside the mind of the seller and the buyer. The methods it uses are instinctive and very easy to follow, making it enjoyable to learn. It breaks down the learning into sections and delivers them in such a way they are quickly understood by the readers. It enables it to be used by anyone for self-teaching or as the basis for a trainer or a sales manager who wanted to coach his team and improve their effectiveness. 

I highly recommend it to those just starting out in selling for the first time as an easy read to get your sales techniques to a higher level fast. Plus, it is also perfect for those who have been selling for quite some time, or wanting to move on to managing a sales team as the way this is laid out allows you to meet with your team to coach in effective methods. A quick read, concise and clear, “How I Made $500,000 In Selling At Age 69” gives us much-needed insight and a must read for any person serious about making it in the field of selling. 

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