WHAT TAIL? by R. R. Barnes

June 4, 2018

The thing I love most about children’s books is their aptness to be transient and straightforward. From time to time they are subtle, but not always. An excellent children’s book can encapsulate all of these and stay away from all the drama and lengthy of adult books. Nonetheless, not all children’s books are excellent. The children’s book What Tail? by R. R. Barnes is one of these excellent books.  


WHAT TAIL? by R.R. Barnes is the ideal book for any child who would like to slip away to a wholesome fantasy world. It has a lot of mystery, moral lessons, fun and everything in between. It all starts when a little girl finally makes a choice to follow her nose and find answers on her own. The reader’s imagination is awakened as the little girl looks back on what she had been told about the Annan Woods ghost and continues with unexpected discoveries in the big meadow. The adventures will have children giggling, turning on the waterworks, and getting wind of interesting facts about some of the animals.


I thought this book was exquisitely suitable for any children (any child or all children), young teens and even adults. It is a sublime story combined with a moral to which many children can relate. It enlightens children that when they accept and believe in others who look and act different from them it can actually open to some wonderful friendships. Since I have kids of my own and I know they love animals and I have personally spent a lot of time at the zoos with them, I'm highly aware that they have a certain connection to animals and an understanding that most adults don't have. Because of that, I think tons of children will absolutely love this book and understand the subtle message woven within the story.

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