Black Divinity: Manifesto of The Black Theocracy Third Edition by Tony Saunders

May 23, 2018

In Black Divinity: Manifest of The Black Theocracy, the author Tony Saunders assembles his compilation of work to establish an inspiring, wide-ranging up to date volume which presents a whole new assimilation to black theocracy. Saunders make use of the expertise of his own life background and upbringing to give credibility to his work. He is delivering a call for blacks to be aware of their personal self-worth in the face of decades and centuries of misery, maltreatment, and misconception of Afro-centric culture.

Basing on historical teachings, Saunders makes the justification for a coalition of the black culture centered on the vision that every black man is competent of utilizing a shared history and the teachings of blacks dating all the way back to the Egyptians as a means to turn into an actualized member of society. Those teachings, put together with the study of God’s righteousness, magnanimity and kindness, gives shape to a black theocracy which has been neglected in Western teachings. This is certainly one of those reads that keeps you page turning until the book is over.

One of the things I liked most about this book is that the author has a canny and polished writing style that is able to elucidate even the most difficult terms in a way that the average reader can comprehend and make sense of. It is his writing skill which serves the subject matter well, making sure we are able to digest his teachings. This is definitely a book you should check out. 

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