Creole Moon: Book of Roots by S.T. HOLMES

May 14, 2018

Just like most of us have, I'm always a little apprehensive about the second book in a series. Sometimes the book meets your expectations, sometimes it’s just super flimsy and you just want to pretend that it never occured. That’s the worst that could happen.

However, I had high hopes for this book because I had dig the first one. It didn’t disappoint.

Book of Roots is the second book in the Creole Moon series. It is perspicuous that the events of the prior book would add to a reader's grasp and  assimilation of what came before. But this author bestowed any enlightenment the reader would entail to revel in this as a standalone story with ease. I really had a whale of time with the treasure hunt feature of this book. With an engrossing setting in New Orleans, the plot follows a feud between two sisters, Mamuska and Ophelia. Filled with obscurity, mystique, and  vengeance, it doesn't get more exciting than that! I was attained from the preamble of this story by the author’s exceptional artistry in constructing setting. The readers will feel allured and drawn for sure.The storyline is fiddly done and readers will be anxious and dying to find out what happens to the characters as they follow the vigorous drama. 


Overall, I would say that if you are into fiction, this is totally a series you should check out. Creole Moon Book of Roots is a spellbinding whisk of mystery and fantasy. It is a dazzling story that is well-made for fans who love their stories filled with magic and featuring credible characters and a strong divergence. I think it fits in splendidly with the genre and is actually more well-written than others. It’s rousing and fast-paced and is definitely a delightful add-on to the fiction genre.

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