Scripted in Heaven by Lourdes Duque Baron

May 8, 2018


I’ve read other books about religion before but this book is out of the ordinary. For one thing, it is a true story about a doctor, narrated by his wife, and his spiritual, physical and metaphysical journey to healing as they seek the divine guidance of Padre  Pio da Pietrelcina (the patron saint of healing) while hardships and set backs test him consistently and his family. As the story progress, it shows how their devotion flourished each and every day from the split second they found out that Robin has two lesions. Sadly, although thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer everyday, what's peculiar about his case is that an older woman tells him that Padre Pio, a deceased priest, told her to pray for him about his wellness complicatio even before he knew about it. And this is where his path to spiritual awakening and religious journey come forth.


Surely, it wasn't easy for the couple to face all these drawbacks and obstacles. From chemotheraphy treatments to excruciatingly pushing of Robin's stamina limits, it was really a test of their faith altogether. The battle that they had during this period of time was not only about saving a life, it was mostly about saving his soul. 

Scripted in Heaven undoubtedly left me feeling inspired, and spiritually aloft. I had a good time reading this book for its truthfulness, the portrayal of the difficulties of living during sickness, especially for a couple that has been through a lot. I feel like I learned quite a few things that I didn’t know and I didn't believed before. I highly recommend this book!

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