Abyrdeen's Dream: A Novel Series, Dawn of a Legacy by Ckf Macphadyen

May 7, 2018

"Abyrdeen's Dream" is an enthralling tale that delineates the inception and discernment of when the Irish Army's influence molded early Victorian society. It is a story about conspiracy, scheme, execution, and corruption and talks about the what, where, when and how Scotland had an impact on the Irish army. It follows a young woman who is surrounded by the precariousness of a prominent clan. She came across first-hand the family's eclectic history and its never-ending chronicle with undisclosed profiteering, bribery, and savagery. For the duration of this series, her innermost vigor and bravery, together with her loved ones would be endangered and jeopardized with formidable circumstances. It immensely was scrutinizing her and her clan of their respect and honor for her family name and rightful position within society.

It's a pretty epic story, proficiently written and a quick read, but well worth it. I found myself tangled up in this story, completely engrossed and loving every moment of it. It is a beautifully told story that you'll absolutely want to share with others. It’s one of those books where you read along and you’re enjoying it and you’re thinking about how you’re enjoying it and wishing tha

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