Bennett Prince of Ziemia by David Kucera

May 1, 2018


Not so long ago, I went to Cambodia and Vietnam with a few buddies from work. I was super thrilled to go, but honestly, it was also a little bit terrifying and unnerving. What if something happened to me? What if I get lost and no one knew where I was? Even though these circumstances had been at the back of my mind, what stopped me from getting all worked up are the escapades and experiences that I am going to stumble upon during the journey. After all, life is an adventure, right?


Everyone loves a good adventure story. This book was no exception. This story is about Prince Bennett of Ziemia, and his mission that will most certainly usher him to his doom, with his new friend Melissa. They come face to face with witches, bandits and evil monsters on a quest to save Melissa's cousins and to take back a precious gem in that will help save their village. Although he was a prince, I loved that there were fun kid things that he still did like buying toys and playing outdoors. I loved that he would want to go to different towns and villages and feel a sense of belonging and familiarity with his people. It really did paint an accurate portrait of a really good, young prince, next in line to be a king.


Overall, I found this to be an entertaining and imaginative book with lots to offer. It was an interesting story and I think a lot of young boys, and girls would think well of it. I very much got a kick out of the characters in this book. Even the bandits. They made the story, of course. It’s well written and there were a great quantity of morals to be learned not only from what was being said, but by the subdued variation of it too. I would highly recommend this book.

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