The African Rebels by Dr Francois Assemien

April 25, 2018


The African Rebels talks about a reporter who covers an African civil war and ends up having an impact on American politics. It is an unpleasant and brassy look at the conflict between the African and Western worlds. Once the rebels take over the country in a coup, Toissin, the book's hero, retreated to America. This book also adeptly elucidate how French colonization has affected African countries. His study of “ philotherapy and feminology” takes a jab at the feminist movement. He is a varied lead who makes an attempt to steer the divide between Europe and Africa as he conceals the encounter that devastated his roots. Toissin takes upon himself to be an ingenuous man at some point, but an appalling circumstance causes him to conceal a heinous enigma from his old days. 


One of my favorite facet of any book is when things finally come together and it will totally reestablish my broad view and cumulate things together in an astonishing way. This book held some of those moments for me. The African Rebels is an intriguing book that will spark engrossing deliberations. This book would be ideal for readers who appreciates Africa and the Western world political derisions that will capture and apprise readers. 

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