Rebirth: Change Your Life through Yoga Mind X by H. Castillero

April 18, 2018

I feel like it’s only fair that I tell you right off that the reason I picked this book is because I was looking forward to do yoga as part of my exercise routine. But I found out that this book is way more than that. This awe-inspiring book is based on the personal experiences of a registered yoga teacher. He bestows his “rebirth process” and  how he was able to get around the casualty of his divorce. He then provides an approach and routine for finding the true guru inside the body through a restoration and awakening of the mind, body, and soul. Through meditation, breathing techniques, and energy healing, readers can augment quality of their lives and commence on a personal exploration of rebirth.


The excellent thing about this book is that it is highly informative especially for beginners like me. It is also something everybody can relate to. We all know that it is not easy to share someone's very personal and intimate experiences in life, but he was very brave to share it to his readers. He knows that he is not alone dealing with traumatic and dreadful events that could take us down. It is in those point in time that we need to make sense of the irrationality and  have knowledge of our reason for living.


H. Castillero has undoubtley written an outstanding book to help us revamp our lives and turn over a new leaf through Yoga. It's clear that his intention is to empower others to survive personal hard knocks and and establish a purpose to fulfill one’s destiny.

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