Nostradamus Speaks Again: Heaven Paradise by ELISABETH JÖRGENSEN

April 17, 2018


"Nothing is as simple as love, love is and 
love is that’s all that there is to it really 
and yet we speak about love, love, love! 
What kind of love is that? That is nothing 
else than Ego love, love that exists out of 
Want. Want to have this want to have 
that etc. Pure love is pure, nothing else. " 


This is just one of my favorite excerpts from the book "Nostradamus Speaks Again" by Elisabeth Jörgensen. On this book, Jörgensen shed a light on how we can make headway of our existence by being content and at peace with ourselves and other people. It draws attention to the importance and the gravity of the true meaning of self healing and pure love. It draws a bead on making our lives better and make it easier for us to make sense of the world around us.


It's clear as day that Jörgensen make used of her vast knowledge and ability to provide prominent  remedial guidance and encouragement. What's even better is that her writing style on this particular book will appeal to people of different and contradistinctive faith. She showcased to everyone the path to self discovery with giving us the understanding that we must look within ourselves to find true and pure enlightenment. 


With the great number of positive thinking books being circulated today, it is  invigorating to be able to read something different by an author that has a very unique vision. I found this meditative book to be very exceptional and out of the ordinary that I know a lot of readers like me will be frantic about.

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