I Called Myself Cassandra by Lourdes Duque Baron

March 17, 2018

This book is about a woman who went through ups and downs and trying to get back on her feet of what is left of her. It tackles about how beautiful life is but also how it can be so cruel at some point. It talks about the struggles and undertakings that we have to rub eyeballs with from time to time and how we can keep afloat and learn from it. It is a story about love, life, friends, family and everything else in between that a lot of women, and probably even men all over the world can relate to.


I'm really ecstatic that I read this, and this book will absolutely give you all the feels. Her seductive stories, vulnerable experiences and heartbreaking encounters are very honest and engaging. It will keep you guessing what's next and it always has a twist. I honestly went through a myriad of emotions alongside Lourdes. Also, I couldn't help but get jealous of the alluring Cassandra for being so foxy and sultry even at her age. She is such an inspiration. It shows us that as women, no one can stop us achieve the beauty and body that we desire if we put our mind, heart, and soul into it. 


We can learn so much from her story, but most importantly we matriculate the fact that although it is not a child's play to feel oneself again right after a heartbreak and life demurs in general, we can still come out of it if we truly believe in ourselves. We might have to cross swords with our demons at some point but that's just what life is all about. 


I cannot wait for Lourdes Duque Baron to write another story and take us again on a roller coaster ride of emotions that we all readers crave for.


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